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“As the children of our ancestors,  it brings out the strong spirit of love that helps us bring you these deliciously homemade Sweet Potato products and Mother Natures’ best fruit pies.” -The Smalls Family from Burgess, South Carolina-

“This ain’t your momma's pie, it’s Cane Patch Pies!” Cane Patch Pies, LLC is a southern family own dessert baking business  operated by Tony and Jon Smalls, located in Southern California. We just can’t get away from the south! These recipes we bring to you have been in our family before my siblings and I were born. Freshly baked kneaded dough and savory fillings fulfill your palettes. 

Double Bracket: In 1865, after The Emancipation Proclamation, a group of freed slaves started a community called Freewoods. They brought with them treasured recipes that were handed down from generation to generation. We are proud to share with the world their spirit and passion that comes with our delicious desserts.

There's a parallel between generations from the past and future for the quality products we’re making here at Cane Patch Pies.

Some of the best Sweet Potato products you'll find in Southern California and it's made with authentic southern recipes.

Cane Patch Pies, LLC
We currently don't deliver outside of the San Diego, CA area. If you do desire one of the best Sweet Potato Pie or any other product we bake, you're responsible for the shipping rates. Thanks for your support and interest.
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